Meet the 2014 Writers’ Conference faculty — listed here alphabetically.
For more information about each faculty member, or the classes and workshops they will be teaching, click on any individual image.

San Miguel Writers' Conference

Béa Aaronson
Dada Writing

San Miguel Writres' Conference

Beatriz Badikian-Gartler Travel Writing

Larry Barber

San Miguel Writers' Conference


San Miguel Writers' Conference

Deborah Bosley
Grant Writing for Writers

San Miguel Writres' Conference

Rosalind Brackenbery

San Miguel Writers' Conference

Deborah Brevoort

San Miguel Writers' Conference

Carol Cassella

San Miguel Writers' Conference


San Miguel Writers' Conference

David Corbett

San Miguel Writers' Conference

Kelly Daniels
Creative Nonfiction

San Miguel Writres' Conference

Nicholas Delbanco

San Miguel Writres' Conference

Anjanette Delgado

April Eberhardt Fiction & Publishing

April Eberhardt
Fiction & Publishing

San Miguel Writers' Conference

Naomi Epel

San Miguel Writers' Conference

Betsy Graziani Fasbinder
Fiction & Publishing

San Miguel Writers' Conference

Irene Goodman
Literary Agent

San Miguel Writers' Conference

Judyth Hill

San Miguel Writers' Conference

Jeff Kleinman
Literary Agent

San Miguel Writers' Conference

Arlene Krasner

San Miguel Writers' Conference

Robert Levine
Publishing & Marketing

San Miguel Writers' Conference

Pooja Menon
Literary Agent

San Miguel Writers' Conference

Dinty Moore

San Miguel Writers' Conference

Elizabeth Rosner

San Miguel Writers' Conference

Andy Ross
Literary Agent

San Miguel Writers' Conference

Tom Swick
Travel Writing

San Miguel Writers' Conference

Brooke Warner
Publishing & Coaching

San Miguel Writers' Conference

Victoria Zackheim
Fiction & Nonfiction



During the registration process, you’ll be required to choose ONE Daily Workshop per session.

Click on any Presenter’s name for more information.

Session #1 — Wednesday, February 11 –– 3:30 PM

Session Track
Workshop Title
101 - FictionJust Whose Story Is This: Point of View, Tense, and VoiceRandall Platt
102 - FictionImagining Real People: Writing Fiction Using Characters Who Have Existed, or Still ExistRosalind Brackenbury
103 - Advanced FictionThe Sincerest Form . . . Apprenticeship as ImitationNicholas Delbanco
104 - Non-fictionOn the Art of Vivid DescriptionDinty Moore
105 - MemoirTelling the Truth.  Will Your Family Ever Speak To You Again?Joyce Maynard
106 - Travel WritingSee The World; Craft The Story: Composing the Travel EssayBeatriz Badikian-Gartler
107- ScreenwritingUnlocking the Secrets to Screenplay StructureLarry Barber
108 - Publishing and MarketingPublishing's Middle GroundApril Eberhardt

Session #2 — Thursday, February 12 — 9:00 AM

Session Track
Workshop Title
201 - FictionFlying not Falling--Writing From the Inside OutUrsula Pflug
202 - FictionImagining Real People:
Writing Fiction Using Characters Who Have Existed, or Still Exist
Rosalind Brackenbury
203 - Advanced FictionDon’t Be Afraid of DialogueMary Rose Hayes
204 - Personal EssayWriting and Selling the Personal Essay Victoria Zackheim
205 - Fiction / Nonfiction / PoetryWriting by Ear: Developing Your VoiceMerilyn Simonds
206 - Historical FictionHooked on History? Research Matters in Historical FictionAnne Easter Smith
207 -Screenwriting/PlaywritingABCs of Dramatic ActionDeborah Brevoort
208 - Short StoryNailing the Spike: Writing and Selling a Killer Short StoryApril Eberhardt
209 - Memoir PanelShaping a Memoir: Finding Your Subject & Your StructureConference Panels

Session #3 — Thursday, February 12 — 11:AM

Session Track
Workshop Title
301 - FictionFinish Your Novel the TV WayAnjanette Delgado
302 - FictionBuilding the Bear: Evoking and Organizing the Fiction DraftElizabeth (Betsy) James
303 - Advanced FictionThe Five Cornerstones of CharacterDavid Corbett
304 - BiographyBiography: The Antidote to MemoirGregory Orfalea
305 - Grant WritingHow to Write a Grant to Fund Your WritingDeborah Bosley
306 - Travel WritingWriting Deep Travel: How to Go Below the SurfaceMary Jo McConahay
307 - PoetryWriting on Water: Poetry and the Passing MomentIrene Blair Honeycutt
308 - Publishing and MarketingHow To Approach and Work with A Literary AgentConference Panels

Session #4 — Friday, February 13 — 9:00 AM

Session Track
Workshop Title
401 - FictionCrossing the Divide from Nonfiction to Fiction: Where is that line Anyway?Wayne Grady
402 - FictionJust Whose Story Is This: Point of View, Tense, and VoiceRandall Platt
403 - Advanced FictionThe Sincerest Form . . . Apprenticeship as ImitationNicholas Delbanco
404 - Non-fiction - Personal EssayWriting and Selling the Personal EssayVictoria Zackheim
405 - MemoirUsing the Tools of Journalism to Write the MemoirMary Jo McConahay
406 - Cook BookCreating a Cook BookHugh Carpenter & Teri Sanderson
407 - PoetryStealing Fire: Your Muse Is My MuseCecilia Woloch
408 - Publishing and MarketingWriting the Nonfiction Book ProposalWaverly Fitzgerald
409 - Special Topic: Available for Single Ticket PurchaseGloria Steinem and Suzanne Braun Levine in ConversationGloria Steinem and Suzanne Braun Levine

Session #5— Friday, February 13 — 11:00 AM

Session Track
Workshop Title
501 - Fiction, Nonfiction/poetryDissolving Borders: Writing Outside the LinesElizabeth Rosner
502 - Fiction/Nonfiction/PoetryWriting by Ear: Developing Your VoiceMerilyn Simonds
503 - NonfictionTime Traveler: Mastering Pace in Narrative NonfictionKelly Daniels
504 - Fiction/NonfictionCreating a writing practiceJoyce Maynard
505- Fiction/NonfictionStand and Deliver: Reading Your Work to an AudienceCarol Merchasin
506 - Travel WritingSee The World —Craft The Story: Composing the Travel EssayBeatriz Badikian-Gartler
507 - PoetryWhat That Painting Says: Poems Inspired byAnother Work of Art.James Hoch
508 - Publishing and MarketingYour Book is Your BusinessMaia Williams
509 - PanelSelf-Publishing for Success: How To Hit the High NotesStephanie Bennett Vogt
Judith Gille
Waverly Fitzgerald
Joseph Dispenza

Session #6 — Sunday, February 15 — 9:00 AM

Session Track
Workshop Title
601 - FictionBuilding the Bear: Evoking and Organizing the Fiction DraftElizabeth (Betsy) James
602 - Advanced FictionBringing Characters to Life By Looking WithinDavid Corbett
603 - Advanced FictionDon’t Be Afraid of DialogueMary Rose Hayes
604 - Travel WritingWriting the WorldTom Swick
605 -Screenwriting/PlaywritingABCs of Dramatic ActionDeborah Brevoort
606 - PoetryThe Sweet Governance of Form: Using Traditional Poetic Forms as VesselsCecilia Woloch
607 - All GenresDada Writing:Béa Aaronson
608 - Publishing and MarketingThe Nuts and Bolts of Self-PublishingJudith Gille

Session #7 —Sunday, February 15 — 11:00 AM

Sessio Track
Workshop Title
701 - FictionDevil in the DetailsCarole Cassella
702 - NonfictionTime Traveler: Mastering Pace in Narrative NonfictionKelly Daniels
703 - NonfictionHow to Write FunnyDinty Moore
704 - Publishing & MarketingThe E-Book Revolution and How E-Publishing Affects YouRobert Levine
705 - MemoirThe “Telling” Secret in Memoir: The Power of What’s Hidden or RevealedAllyson Latta
706 - JournalismJournalism in the New MilenniumRandy Kraft
707 - PoetryWild Writing: Opening to the Heart of PoemJudyth Hill
708 - Writing About FoodWrite What You Eat: A Workshop for Food LoversArlene Krasner

You are invited to work all day with the same instructor or to mix and match. Material from the morning will not be repeated in the afternoon, and material in the afternoon will not depend on what was taught in the morning.

Saturday Intensives — Morning 9:00 to 12:00

Emerging FictionPlotting and Executing the Arc in FictionVictoria Zackheim
Advanced FictionStory Structure:  Every Writer Needs to Tell a StoryJoyce Maynard
PoetryFive Ways to Break a Line and Other MysteriesRichard Blanco
Screenwriting/PlaywritingPlotting AlongDeborah Brevoort
MemoirMemoir and the MemoiristDinty Moore
Advanced Fiction/NonfictionBeginnings:  How to Start a Manuscript that the Reader Will Want to Continue ReadingNicholas Delbanco


Saturday Intensives — Afternoon: 2:00 to 5:00

All GenresThe Acorn WorkshopVictoria Zackheim
Advanced Fiction/NonfictionArt as ExactnessNicholas Delbanco
Creative Nonfiction/MemoirMaking the “I” a Character in Creative Nonfiction and MemoirDinty Moore
Fiction/NonfictionBringing Dead Language Back Into the World of the LivingJoyce Maynard
ScreenwritingUnlocking the Secrets To Screenplay Structure.Larry Barber
All GenresI Got Rhythm: Not Just for PoetsCecilia Woloch

Seize This Rare Opportunity To Present Your Book Proposal to a Literary Agent!

These one-on-one sessions are available only with a Full Conference or Whole Enchilada registration. Your Full Conference or Whole Enchilada registration entitles you to pitch sessions with two agents.

If you would like to pitch to a third agent, the cost is $35 usd, as long as appointment times are available. You may request a third pitch session at the Registration Desk when you arrive at the Conference.

How to Sign Up

When you register for the Conference on our Registration Site on line, or in person at the Biblioteca, as part of your registration, you will be given the opportunity to register for two agent pitch sessions if you so desire, and to select the time you prefer for an appointment.

Guidelines for pitching your proposal are published HERE. Please read the Pitch Guidelines carefully before you sign up for appointments. This is not the time to run an idea past an agent; you must have a complete proposal ready.

Pitch Session Times

Each pitch session will be 10 to 15 minutes long. Pitch sessions will be scheduled during the following times:

Thursday, February 13          3:30 to 5:15
Friday, February 14               3:30 to 5:15
Saturday, February 15            3:30 to 5:15
Sunday, February 16               3:30 to 5:15

The following agents will be present at our 2014 Conference:

San Miguel Writers' ConferenceAndy Ross Literary Agency

Andy Ross is a legend in the book industry. He represents Daniel Ellsberg, Jeffrey Mason, Michael Parenti, Paul Krassner, and many others!

More about Andy Ross here.


San Miguel Writers' ConferenceJeff Kleinman

Jeff Kleinman is a literary agent, intellectual property attorney, and founding partner of Folio Literary Management, LLC, a New York literary agency.

Nonfiction: especially narrative nonfiction with a historical bent, but also memoir, health, parenting, aging, nature, pets, how-to, nature, science, politics, military, espionage, equestrian, biography.

Fiction: very well written, character-driven novels; some suspense, thrillers; otherwise mainstream commercial and literary fiction.
More about Jeff Kleinman here.

San Miguel Writers' ConferenceIrene Goodman

Irene Goodman has been a leading member of the publishing community for over 25 years. Her clients are regulars on the New York Times, USA Today, Walden, Publishers Weekly, and Bookscan bestseller lists.

Her fiction list includes upmarket women’s fiction, middle grade, young adult, thrillers, historical fiction, and mysteries. Her non-fiction list includes pop culture, animals, science, Judaica, Francophilia, and lifestyle. Together with her dynamic staff, her agency represents over one hundred authors in these fields. More about Irene Goodman here.

San Miguel Writers' ConferencePooja Menon

Kimberly Cameron and Associates Literary Agency

Pooja Menon joined Kimberley Cameron & Associates in the fall of 2011. She says, “We are a boutique agency and care deeply about our clients. We champion the books we work on and collaborate openly among agents. We are persistent in our pursuit of publication at the most respected publishing houses, and when we believe in someone, we do not give up easily.”

As a relatively new agent, Pooja is looking to build her client list and is eager for submissions by debut novelists and veteran writers. She represents fiction and non-fiction for both Adult and YA markets. More about Pooja Menon here.

San Miguel Writers' ConferenceApril Eberhardt

April is not available for scheduled pitches, but she is an agent-in-residence who represents authors for both traditional and alternative avenues to publishing. She is teaching workshops 105 and 802, and is available for individual consultations. (Sign up at the Information Desk.)

April Eberhardt helps authors explore both traditional publishing and the emerging options for self-publishing, including agent-assisted independent publishing. Her agency specializes in building long-term strategies with authors, which often include a blend of traditional and self-publishing.

A self-described “literary change agent” and author advocate, April works with serious authors who recognize the need for professional support, and the importance of publishing in the highest-quality way.

April is a reader for the Best American Short Stories series published annually by Houghton Mifflin each October. She served as head reader for Zoetrope–All Story, Francis Ford Coppola’s literary journal for many years. She holds an MBA in Finance and Marketing and a CPLF from the University of Paris. The agency’s website is

Individual Consultations with Seasoned Professionals During the Conference

Some members of our world-class faculty are offering you the opportunity to work with them in an individual session on your personal project.

Consultations are available only to Conference registrants (Whole Enchilada, Full Conference, or Basic Conference.)

To make an appointment for an individual consultation during the Conference, e-mail our Services Coordinator, Carole Schor: Please tell Carole:

• the person with whom you would like an appointment.

• whether you prefer an hour or a half hour, if there is a choice.

Carole will inform you by e-mail of your appointment time. At that time, you will meet your consultant at the “Individual Consultations” desk in the lobby.

You’ll pay your consultant directly at the time of your appointment. Please bring sufficient cash (dollars preferred) or your checkbook.

You may still make an appointment at the Conference itself if any appointment times remain, although please note that some consultants need to see your manuscript before the Conference.

THE PERFECT BEGINNING with Victoria Zackheim

We all know the importance of the opening paragraphs of a novel, but what about creative nonfiction? Whether you’re writing a personal essay or memoir, you want to grab your readers—including potential agents and editors—and hold their attention. Through my anthologies, I’ve worked with more than 100 writers, including Pulitzer winners, national and international bestsellers. Together, you and I will craft that compelling introduction and lay out the structure of your essay or memoir. Please send me the first two pages of your work in advance of our meeting. (

30 minutes:  $45

60 minutes: $60

MEMOIR with Amy Ferris and Hollye Dexter

Truth is what resonates with a reader. It’s what makes a story compelling, and leads the reader to trust you, the narrator. Writing your truth frees you to write authentically and fearlessly. Amy and Hollye, both authors of memoirs, and editors of the new anthology, Dancing at the Shame Prom, have a gift for finding the gem of truth in a story. Together, they will work with you to polish that gem and make your essay or memoir shine. Please email up to ten pages before the conference, to and
Full hour: $60

90 minutes: $100

Paola Tinoco García

Entrevistas individuales con Paola Tinoco, experta en el ramo editorial. Pide una cita con Paola para hablar de distribución de libros, edición, promoción de libros, revisión de textos para oferta en editoriales, etc.

Paola Tinoco García (Ciudad de México, 1974) es escritora, editora y socióloga. Actualmente es representante en México de las editoriales españolas Anagrama, Siruela, Acantilado, RBA y Axial. Directora de difusión y prensa de la distribuidora de editoriales españolas Colofón y coordinadora del área de coediciones de las editoriales Axial y Colofón.

Ha publicado cuentos, crónicas y entrevistas en Revista 1.9.2., Milenio Diario, 24 horas, Replicante, Playboy, la Gaceta del Fondo de Cultura Económica, Luvina, Revista DF por Travesias y es columnista de la revista Marvin. Finalista del concurso “Mano de obra” convocado por el Instituto de Comunicación y Cultura de Oaxaca S.C. Editora y compiladora de las antologías de cuento latinoamericano De lengua me como un cuento (2009), publicada por Axial, Cuentos desde el cerro de la silla (2010), publicado por Anagrama y la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Más de lo que te imaginas, cuentos perversos (2012) publicada por Cal y arena. Sus cuentos han sido incluidos en diversas compilaciones. Oficios ejemplares, publicado por Páginas de espuma, es su primer libro. @paolatinoco

Costo por entrevista

30 minutos $300 pesos

1 hora $500 pesos


Let’s co-create, design, and plan your Poetry Dream project!  YOUR book: all the way to giving Readings, book in hand!  We’ll look at your collection together, and create a step-by-step plan.

I can also, by email, continue to support you in your process, all the way, in every way! I have taken many poets through the entire process of selecting and editing their poems, setting them into an organic, sensuous, and powerful order; suggesting appropriate publishers, writing query letters, and choosing the best poems to include. — Then I gift you a blurb for your back cover! Let’s start NOW on your BOOK!

I will pre-read 5 poems for instant response when we meet. Email me,

30 minutes:  $45

60 minutes: $60


One of the more difficult aspects of writing about the self is correctly locating the central story of a complicated life, the “invisible magnetic river” that makes for a coherent and active memoir. I am happy to review up to ten pages of your memoir essay ahead of time, or ten pages from the opening chapter (if your memoir is book length), and we will meet to discuss invisible rivers, coherent structure, and the power of a story.  Send the ten-page, double-spaced sample ahead of time along with any specific questions you might have about your project or ways  to approach the writing of memoir (  I am also happy to discuss possible approaches to your memoir even if you have not yet begun writing: just send me some questions ahead of time and we’ll chat.

30 minutes:  $45

60 minutes:  $60


Critique of your narrative on how well it delivers the story experience through description, dialogue, action, and language. Send a chapter as an attachment by email to [] before the conference (preferred, you’ll get a better critique), or bring 10-15 pages to the consultation (double-spaced, etc.)

30 minutes: $45

ARE YOU AGENT READY? with Brooke Warner

Brooke Warner has shepherded hundreds of authors to publication over the course of publishing career. She packs a ton of feedback into her one-on-one consultations, offering sage advice about your pitch, your platform, your proposal, or your writing. You can send her work ahead of time or bring it on the spot. Send your URL, social media links, proposal, and/or sample writing. If you feel like you’re not landing a publishing deal and you’re not sure why, Brooke will point you toward what you need to tweak, hone, and polish to make sure you get noticed, signed, and on track for getting published.


30 minutes:  $45

60 minutes: $60

SCRIPT CONSULATIONS with Deborah Brevoort

Is there a scene in your play that isn’t quite working? Send it to me before the conference via email ( In our session we will examine all the elements (character, action, conflict, story, plot) to see what might be missing. For a half hour session, please send no more than 10 pages. For an hour session, please send no more than 20.

30 minutes:  $45

60 minutes:   $65


Is marketing your book becoming a confusing task? Let’s spend some time together breaking down your marketing, what’s best for your book and how to market it most effectively. I’m happy to address Internet marketing or traditional publicity such as getting on TV and into magazines. Not sure where to start getting your book out there? We can discuss that, too. After our session, you’ll have the outline for your marketing plan.

30 minutes:  $45

60 minutes:   $65


Let’s talk about the best way for your book to be published! For some, it’s the traditional route. If that’s what your heart desires, we’ll look at how to polish and pitch your work to give it its best shot with agents and editors. For others, the new, cool indie route is most appealing, due to the control it provides you, along with the quick-to-market-and-profits appeal. Send along the first three chapters of your novel, and let’s look at the surest route to success for you! Please email a double-spaced Word attachment to I’ll provide detailed notes and a personally tailored strategy. Can’t wait to brainstorm with you!

30 minutes: $45

60 minutes: $65

What’s missing from my story? with Nancy Ellen Dodd

Would you like to find the holes in your story? Nancy Ellen Dodd can help you create a story map to see what you know and don’t know about your story. Perhaps you are unsure whether you are showing or telling? She will share visual secrets that help you bring the reader into the character’s world. Should you look for a traditional publisher or self-publish? Are you bogged down in revision hell? Are you struggling with tension and pacing? Is your screenplay on track: formatted correctly, using the right voice, following the genre conventions, visual?  Email for an appointment, or make an appointment at the conference, include a synopsis or 5 double-spaced pages, and be sure to include the major area of concern you would like to focus on.

30 minutes:  $45

60 minutes: $60