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2017 Workshop Digital Handouts

We’re excited to announce the handout materials for 90-min workshops and 3-hour Intensive workshops can now be downloaded and printed, or viewed online.  If you have purchased a conference package, or registered for an individual workshop, you should take a moment to check and see if your workshop is listed as having digital handouts (Only 39 of the 101 workshops have handouts).

Below is a comprehensive list of every workshop which has a handout:

90-min Workshops

Workshop 103: ALL PROSE GENRES Backstory is Behavior

WORKSHOP 107: SCREENWRITING:  Writing the One-Hour Pilot for Television

WORKSHOP 108: POETRY – Deep Revision: The Enormous “Pleasure of Taking Pains”


WORKSHOP 210: PUBLISHING AND MARKETING – Perfect Pitch: How to Successfully Pitch Your Project to an Agent in Fifteen Minutes

WORKSHOP 301: FICTION – Dialog as Action — Not Conversation

WORKSHOP 303: ALL PROSE GENRES – Strengthen Your Writing with Compelling Scenes

WORKSHOP 304: MEMOIR – Writing the Unspoken: Truth and Consequences of Breaking the Silence

WORKSHOP 306: POETRY – The Sweet Governance of Form: Using Traditional Poetic Forms as Vessels

WORKSHOP 309: TRAVEL WRITING – Beyond the Narrative: Crafting Travel Writing That Earns an Income

WORKSHOP 310: PUBLISHING AND MARKETING – The Independent Publishing Revolution

WORKSHOP 311: PLEASURES OF READING – We can all be Latinos in our Hearts: Experiencing the Beauty, Wisdom, and Power of this Ancient Culture

WORKSHOP 401: FICTION – The Mechanics of Scene

WORKSHOP 402: FICTION – Introduction to Deep Story Design

WORKSHOP 406: PERSONAL WRITING – Writing Through the Darkness of Grief, Loss and Transition

WORKSHOP 409: FICTION – Bleeding Shades of Gray: Writing Compelling Issue-Driven Fiction

WORKSHOP 501: FICTION – The Hidden Magic of Character Development

WORKSHOP 504: NONFICTION – Personal Essay: How to Use Your Story to Tell a Larger Story

WORKSHOP 505: MEMOIR – I Remember: Unlocking Memories to Lay the Foundation of Your Memoir

WORKSHOP 507: ALL PROSE GENRES – Theories of Creativity and Writing: Expand Your Horizons

WORKSHOP 509: TRAVEL MEMOIR – Travel Memoir: Your Journey is the Story

WORKSHOP 511: PLEASURES OF READING – Dancing in . . . Drinking in . . . Drenched in . . . Poetry!

WORKSHOP 602: ALL PROSE GENRES – Strengthen Your Writing with Compelling Scenes

WORKSHOP 604: NONFICTION – Writing for the Change You Want to See: Let Your Work Make a Difference!

WORKSHOP 605:  Memoir: Sensing the Way to Begin

WORKSHOP 610: PUBLISHING AND MARKETING – Fifty Shades of Publishing: All the Ways You Can Publish a Winning Book

WORKSHOP 701: FICTION – The End Is The End is the End — Or is it?: Chekhov’s Influence on Story Endings

WORKSHOP 703: ALL PROSE GENRES – Introduction to Scrivener Software for Serious Writers: Escape from the Slavery of WORD

WORKSHOP 704: NONFICTION – Personal Essay: How to Use Your Story to Tell a Larger Story

WORKSHOP 708: POETRY – What Your Body Has to Do with Writing

WORKSHOP 711: PLEASURES OF READING – What’s So Funny? The Literature of Crazy Wisdom


3-Hour Intensive Workshops

INTENSIVE 1001: ADVANCED ALL PROSE GENRES – Playing in the Sandbox of the Sentence: Grammar for Writers

INTENSIVE 1002: ADVANCED FICTION – The Art of Character

INTENSIVE 1004: POETRY – Wildwriting: Opening to the Heart of Poem

INTENSIVE 1006: SCREENWRITING – Big Picture: Writing the Spec Screenplay

INTENSIVE 2002: CRIME FICTION – The Character of Crime

INTENSIVE 2003: SCREENWRITING – Introduction to Screenwriting

INTENSIVE 2005: TRAVEL WRITING – Books, Bylines, and Blogs: Creating Multiple Income Streams while Writing for Travelers


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