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Community Outreach

The San Miguel Writers’ Conference is run by a nonprofit umbrella organization, The San Miguel Literary Sala. The Literary Sala not only brings writers and other figures of interest to San Miguel, but also partners with various programs and external organizations. Funds for these programs come from Literary Sala annual membership fees, outside donations, and monies received from fundraising events.

Ojalá Niños is a non-profit year-round program that gives 100+ indigenous children in the rural community of San Miguel Viejo, Guanajuato Mexico, the opportunity to explore their strengths through art, music and literacy. Ojalá Niños also teaches these young artists the cooperative business model.  All classes are offered free of charge.

We are currently partnered with Ojalá Niños to provide a “Reading and Writing Appreciation Project” for children in San Miguel Viejo. Through fundraising and donations we have been able to provide ongoing funds for Ojalá Niños.

Libros Para Todos:  We are proud to be partners with Libros para Todos, bringing books and authors to various San Miguel communities. The program strives to promote reading and literacy by teaching children to read, offering books to rural communities, and bringing authors such as Juan Villoro to meet children.

The communities visited in the past have been Cruz del Palmar, Los Ricos, and El Huizachal. Children from La Cuadrilla, El Tigre, Estancia de San Antonio, San Miguel Viejo (Ojalá-Niños), La Palma, and El Salitrillo were transported to these events.

The Teen Creative Writing Workshop is a program currently taught entirely in Spanish during the San Miguel Writers’ Conference. A group of sixteen youth, ranging from 14 to 19 years old, come from various high schools in San Miguel Allende (private, public and rural) to learn writing and to meet our world-class speakers. Several teens are awarded laptop computers each year.

Scholarships to the San Miguel Writers’ Conference are given each year to 25 Mexican Nationals. The scholarship is a subsidy which allows writers and students who otherwise would not be able to afford the conference to be able to attend. 5 partial scholarships are also given to writers, students, and teachers who are not Mexican Nationals.