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If Dante had had the San Miguel experience, he may have written more about heaven and less about hell.

Tom Robbins

I came to the workshop thinking I wasn’t ‘really’ a writer. I left knowing I am a writer and I discovered the two focuses I need to pursue in my writing.

I came away deeply changed and enriched, and with a great longing to come back.

Sandra Cisneros

San Miguel Conference is one of the best literary gatherings in the Western Hemisphere. It is the perfect blend of local and international, from the classes, readings and panels to the fireworks, dancing and celebration under the stars. It rates multitudes of stars. The best.

Joy Harjo

The San Miguel Writers’ Conference is unique. Where else can writers from three countries rub shoulders and learn from each other? Utterly invigorating! The keynotes are profound, the instructors generous, the atmosphere an intoxicating mix of head’s-down professional and Mexican fun.

Merilyn Simonds

I’ve been to a lot of conferences and this has been my best experience so far, hands down.   I’ve never felt such a sense of community among writers.   I felt not one bit of the jealousy and competitiveness typical of these kinds of events.   This conference is special.

Kelly Daniels, Rock Island, IL USA

If you are a passionate reader this is the literary event for you . . . it is an opportunity to break bread with the giants.   I was thrilled, moved, inspired, and changed!!   And my god! Naomi Wolf was incredible.

Lynn Morgan, Toronto, Canada

What a stimulating, delightful time.   Everything was perfect; weather, meals, ambience, but especially the excitement of being around such talented, inspiring people.

Georgia Roth, Kerruille, TX and SMA

Without a doubt, the most high quality writers’ conference I have ever attended!  Eloquent and entertaining speakers, informative, relative sessions and a magical location. Bravo!

Marlinne Cooper Bethlehem, New Hampshire

If you are looking at the cost of the Conference and wondering, ‘Can I afford to go?’ I will tell you, if you are serious about a writing career or avocation, you can’t afford not to go!

Janet Dunnett, author of The Dwindling