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Visitor Tips

What to Bring

Famous for a temperate climate, San Miguel de Allende can be both very warm during the day, and quite chilly in the evening and early morning during February. Definitely bring a warm sweater or jacket, plus summery clothes for the daytime.

Attire for the Conference is casual or business casual, your choice. Consider bringing something festive and colorful for the Fiesta. If you are attending the Patron Dinner, bring something dressy for that event. (For information about this event, contact Maia at

Walking Around Town

Have you ever walked on cobblestones? Sturdy shoes and secure sandals are a must! You will see high heels (on the young and fit), but beware . . . they are not recommended for the hills and narrow sidewalks of San Miguel.

Important caution: Always look down when you are walking around town, so you will avoid unannounced holes in the sidewalk, places where the sidewalk drops away for a driveway, uneven pavement, slippery stones, or funny little protrusions sticking up that no one has bothered to remove. If you are looking for an address or gazing at beautiful sites, don’t keep walking. Stop to gaze around.

San Miguel is known as the city of fallen women, and we don’t want you to be one of them!

Petty crime is much lower in San Miguel than in most U.S. cities. Still, use caution. Don’t walk alone on a secluded street at night. Walk in a group or use a taxi, even if it is a short distance. Any taxi ride within San Miguel is $35 pesos, about $2 usd.

Carry with you only what you need. Leave unneeded credit cards, cash, passport, etc. in your hotel room safe.

Altitude Woes

If you feel more tired than usual, or you find yourself with a little headache or feel woozy, it could be that you are adjusting to the altitude of 6400 feet. For most people who experience it at all, it takes only about twelve hours to adjust. Drink plenty of water! Rest if you can, and know that you will feel normal shortly.

At the Conference

Keep track of your purse and Conference materials. We have a Lost and Found at the Registration Desk in the lobby.