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Panel 310:
Writers as Activists in Dangerous Times

Panel 310:
Writers as Activists in Dangerous Times

We suddenly find ourselves in a world of frightening levels of incompetence and corruption, where truth and justice are struggling for a handhold on a slippery slope. Public lies and devastating new policies are driven by openly hostile xenophobia, racism, and greed. The humane, compassionate world that we have spent our lives believing in, and working to make better, is disappearing before our eyes.

There is a long tradition of authors and poets speaking the truth and standing up for democracy and social justice in their written work. What is our role as writers, right now?

In this panel, we will address the following questions:

  • How can we as writers change the world and shift the conversation? Do we have a special responsibility as writers?
  • What role can personal testimony and individual stories play in fighting injustice?
  • Does our responsibility as citizens extend to our writing life? Do we have to address the numerous current public crises in our own writing?
  • What is the impact of this public drama on personal creativity?
  • How can writing be used as a self-care tool for activists who feel burned out and overwhelmed?

Moderator: Sam Horn