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Martha Barnette

Martha Barnette

Martha Barnette

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Martha Barnette’s books include A Garden of Words, Dog Days and Dandelions, and Ladyfingers & Nun’s Tummies: A Lighthearted Look at How Foods Got Their Names, which was selected for the Los Angeles Times “100 Best Books of the Year,” and praised by the New Yorker. She co-hosts the popular public-radio show and podcast about language, “A Way with Words,” on NPR affiliates across the United States.

Martha began improv classes years ago to get over a debilitating public speaking phobia. She stayed for the sheer joy of the art form and the life lessons it teaches. Improv, she likes to say, is like team sports for the brain in a safe, supportive environment. It’s also a fun way for writers to connect with others after long hours of creative solitude. A former reporter for the Washington Post, Martha regularly performs at San Diego’s Finest City Improv.

"A Garden of Words" by Martha Barnette
"Ladyfingers and Nuns Tummies" by Martha Barnette

By Martha Barnette