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TalkStory Dhana Musil

This month’s story was performed by Dhana Musil at the 2017 San Miguel Writers’ Conference. If you’d like to learn how to tell a live story on stage, have a look at our Live Storytelling Workshop during the 2017 Summer Writing Workshops in San Miguel (Aug 5 – Sept 1).

San Miguel Talkstory with Dhana Musil

Dhana Musil’s memoir, These Little Earthquakes, chronicles the decade she spent living in the seamy underbelly of Japan during the 1990’s, and her decision to marry a Japanese yakuza. Her stories have won several prizes and been published in numerous anthologies. Dhana resides in North Vancouver, BC with her husband, two girls, a cat and a dog. She hopes that her writing may one day land her in a place where her coconut oil stays liquid, at least during the day.

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