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2014 SMWC Writing Contest Winners

For the last month our judges have been hard at work reading submissions.  This year we had more submissions than ever before and we had a higher quality of writing than previous years.  Stories ranged from growing phantom appendages, to high speed boat trips down the Amazon, to tales of kidnappings in Brazil.  There were so many great entries and it was not an easy task choosing, but here are the results as well as the two runner-ups in each category.

Poetry Winner

Rachel Newlon for her poetry/nonfiction piece, Nothing Is Done When Someone Dies in Mexico.

Poetry Honorable Mentions

Drew Myron for the poems “In October,” “And still my hands hungry,” and “Push here, but gently.”

Sara Abbas for the poem, “Things I lost in the fast .”


Creative Nonfiction Winner

Mike Keefe for the creative nonfiction piece, Blue Grenade.

 Creative Nonfiction Honorable Mentions

Brad Modlin for the creative nonfiction piece, Everyone from Australia Tells the Truth. 

Julia Aitcheson for the creative nonfiction piece, Holy Fix Me. 


Fiction Winner

Leland Cheuk for the short story, First-Person Shooter.  

Fiction Honorable Mentions

Allegra Hyde for the short story, Accents.

Rayme Waters for the short story,  The Upfront.

San Miguel de AllendeEach of the winners will be attending the writers’ conference in San Miguel de Allende free of charge and have their lodging provided for them. It is our hope that attending the conference will allow them to network, learn more about the craft of writing, and share some writing advice with their peers. In the next few weeks we plan on publish each of the winning selections on our website, so that everyone can see the time and effort these writers have put into crafting such wonderful pieces.