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Volunteering for the Writers’ Conference takes many forms and you can be involved in many ways. As with many things, often the lions’ share of the work happens way before the event begins. For both the Conference and the Literary Sala we have year round opportunities where interested and committed individuals can participate as volunteers.

During the year, there are opportunities to support efforts in marketing, merchandizing, Social media management, design implementation, grunt work and followup, writing, reading, administrative support, resource development and research, to name a few. While many of these items require a particular skill, there are others that only require a friendly face and a helpful word.

For events that are small and limited to one day or a few hours, the activities tend to be more hospitality and amenities focused. Usually.

During the Writers’ Conference itself, the opportunities are quite varied and require various amounts of facility with technology, a great deal of stamina; some require a moderate amount physical agility and the ability to lift things, all require flexibility, commitment and a willingness to listen carefully and follow directions.

Several positions are truly bi-lingual and require fluency in reading and speaking both Spanish and English.

The process to become a volunteer starts by filling out the form below. The form is intended to help us get to know you a little bit.

We will followup with a personal contact and conversation. Because many of the positions are skills specific some of the questions are very straightforward in those areas. It is important to note that:

ALL POSITIONS FOR THE WRITERS’ CONFERENCE REQUIRE A FULL TIME COMMITMENT, in addition to attending training for your particular assignment and general orientation for all Conference volunteers.

Our volunteers are critical to the success of the conference and to all of our other events. Please know we appreciate your support and will always do our very best to find ways to recognize your valuable contribution.

Thank you for taking the time to review this page and for submitting your information to us. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions: