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Writing Contest

Do you have poetry, creative non-fiction, or fiction? Well, now is the time to polish that piece and submit it to us. This year we will be selecting one winner from each category and inviting them to join us in magical San Miguel de Allende. Not only could you be one of the writers to walk away with a “Full Conference Registration,” free lodging, and an agent pitch session, but you could also earn the prestige of being published by the San Miguel Writers’ Conference on our website.

Submit online by going to our Online Submission Manager:

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Previous Contest Winners

2017 Writing Contest Winners

How Will It Smash? by Becky Kaiser
Life Along the Border by Jesús Mena

Fiction Honorable Mentioned:
Left In Peace by Bridgit Albrecht

You Have Sex with Inappropriate People by Teresa O’Neill

Creative Nonfiction Honorable Mentioned:
Belly of Time by Lauren Leonardi
The Gravel In Your Guts by Roxan McDonald

Rapunzel Takes A Stand by Susan Thurston

Poetry Honorable Mentioned:
Poet-ception by Samantha Fernandez
Flaky Halibut by Juan Pablo Hurtado Valdez


Life Along the Border By Jesús Mena

Life Along the Border  The Spirit We lived in a string of lean-tos behind an old service station next to Emilio’s Bar. All the families living here were just like chickens, going to bed at sunset, not because nature dictated our clocks, but because any light in a one-room hovel...
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How Will It Smash? By Becky Kaiser

How Will It Smash? (Excerpt)   My heart exploded I thought something in my dream had detonated it and BOOM, it filled up with blood and electricity and busted. Veins writhing and spitting like loose hoses, pieces of muscle wall wedged between my ribs. But when I sat up in...
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